Hi, love.

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I have come by to update you all. My schedule has been jam packed since last year and I am finally getting around to find some balance. My husband left for the US NAVY in March and will soon be graduating from boot camp on May 25th! The adjustment to him being gone hasn’t been that hard only because I have been so busy with appointments lately. It is so exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. So, thank you all for your continued support. Big hugs!


I wrapped up a photo shoot a few weeks ago with this super sweet couple at their home. I am pinning this session one of my definite favorites to date. They were so down to freestyle some of the appointment with me which is what I love. That is my bread and butter, y’all! They live on some land just outside of San Antonio and have two sweet pups & some baby chicks! They are the American Dream! They both expressed to me that this was the first time they had their photograph taken together, seriously though....they didn’t even need my help. I have never worked with a couple that was so in the moment- very “dance like no one is watching” type of love. Hannah and Casey- you guys rocked it. I can not wait to work with you all again! Cheers to love!

”You are beautiful & smart.’”