We're not in Texas anymore

Hello, loves!

We are now living in Groton, CT! It has been quite an adventure getting here and acclimating myself to the cold weather. I actually ended up having to spend money on winter clothing! (haha) Coming from Texas, I never have owned real winter clothing. Let’s be real! We don’t have real winters in Texas! I bought a pair of gloves, a blanket scarf, & a long coat. I even have a parka! My next goal is to start wearing pants, lol. I know, I know. Pants? Yes, I said that…pants! If you know you then you are well aware that I own zero pairs of pants. I’m a dress or skirt gal. I can dress down a dress and I can gussy up a dress to no avail. In Texas my solution for colder weather was to wear tights or stockings. It did the trick, along with a pea-coat.

In a few weeks I will be heading back to Texas to shoot Hannah & Casey’s wedding in Spring Branch, TX on Veteran’s Day weekend. I’m super excited to see them and witness their special day. These two are the sweetest couple I’ve met. They are the true epitome of “couple goals”. They live in a cute house near the Canyon Lake with a micro farm in their back yard & a tiny red barn. I’m also super excited to see what they have planned as their ceremony is going to be under this ridiculously tall tree with beautiful branches that slouch down. Their reception will be back at their home in their backyard. I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures!

Until then- remember: You are beautiful & smart.