Slow transitions, part 2.

As we are nearing Christmas it finally hit me that I will be spending my very first Christmas away from my family. Raul and I have always been blessed to be around family every holiday. Our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. We spend the day cooking & have a nice dinner. After dinner we sit around in food comas while snacking the rest of the evening away. Come midnight we open gifts, eat some more…..then drift into a long slumber. It has been this way since I can remember.

Since it will just be Raul & I this Christmas- we plan to make crunchy tacos, queso, salsa, & chips to pig out on (in honor of our longing for Tex-Mex from back home) all while hunkering down in front of the television & binge watch movies/tv shows. At the same time, I’m excited for Raul to start our own family tradition together.

I was joking with a friend today that when I make it back to Texas it’s going to be “Tour de Food” because I keep dreaming about food from back home. Now, I’m not just talking about bbq & Tex-Mex. I mean…..everythang. I am so spoiled with the variety of food that Austin has to offer. I don’t just mean the different ethnic food choices- I mean the variety of each ethnic food choice. You see, here in Groton there is only maybe one place that is deemed capable of ingesting into your body. Even so, that choice is mediocre at best. That is me being nice. There is only one place that we have tried that was since we’re been here, & surprisingly, it was a Tibetan restaurant. I would definitely add that restaurant to the rotation, & let me tell you- that list is all by it’s lonesome.

Last night, after a day of vigorous binge watching junk television, Raul & I decided to look up Mexican food in the area. We found one called Ortega’s. According to google reviews (184 reviews to be exact) it was a 4 out of 5 stars. So, naturally, we were like “Score! Let’s try it out!”. Now, I don’t know about you…but we always judge a Mexican restaurant based on their house salsa. Ladies & gents- it was like V8 juice with a little kick. Legit, spicy bloody mary mix. Dude…ok, right then & there. We should have left. At this point, we didn’t have the energy to find another place. We were there & we made the commitment. We ordered queso, enchiladas, taquitos, & margs. I have to hand it to ‘em. The margs were on point. We had two each. The food- well. It was awful. After having enough, and motor boating our margs down the hatch, we asked for the check. Yo, our bills was $84. $84 for crappy mexican food, you’re kidding right? Yeah. At this point, we have had it with anyone’s recommendations around here. I almost feel like majority of people around here are so used to mediocre food that they deem anything (that isn’t a pizza or a hamburger) as “amazing”. I’m rolling my eyes right now. We left the restaurant feeling straight up robbed. We both agreed that from now on, unless we are in a COMPLETE BIND, that I will be doing the cooking around here. Which is fine for me, I enjoy cooking & experimenting.

Okay, I just spend time venting about food. #thisiswhyimfat