I’ve been searching blogs and looking for other Navy wives to build relationships with. It’s been hard going through the change and transition into a military wife.

I read somewhere and a wife said that she accepted a long time ago that she would be going through a lot on her own and that she was proud of her husband and his love of the military. I always thought that being married to a man in the military wouldn’t be much a difference when it came to priorities, I’m slowly learning that first and foremost- his priority is the military being that he swore into the service. It didn’t hit me then, I am slowly starting to accept it. There will be plenty of nights in my future where I will be dealing with issues on my own. I know that Raul’s life now is the military and myself. I am so used to being number 1 & it has been hard accepting that. Trial and error. I’m finally coming around to fully take it all in. It has certainly been a learning curve. A harsh very sharp curve I did not anticipate. I’m learning how to slow down and stop trying to speed past the curve and just coast.