Picture print

Give me that school love.


What do you do with your photographs? Chances are they're stored in a cloud somewhere, or even a hard drive. You find them once in a while and upload them to tag a friend to reminisce with then that file is lost again on the interwebs until you discover it all over again. *le sigh* It's like discovering a lost love.  What do I do? I print them. I collect prints of my images. I love the thought of holding a memory in the palm of my hand... that's also why I print them for my customers. I used to provide a USB full of their images as a standard. Now, it is an add on option. The response I got the first time I handed my client a stack full of their photographs (just because) was genuinely irreplaceable. I loved watching their reactions while thumbing through their photographs. That is when I decided that I was no longer going to just hand a client a thumb drive of pictures. It was always so impersonal, and I didn't realize just how impersonal it was until I handed someone a 4x6 stack of prints from their photo session. I always encourage my clients to print their photographs. I feel like when a photograph sits in a hard drive or on a cloud somewhere it is not being done it's justice. Print that photograph and display it! Show it off to the world!  


You are beautiful and smart.