Hi loves,

Since I last posted, my husband and I have been preparing for a new change in our lives. He and I have bee preparing him for the military. The Navy, to be precise. My husband is a man that has never pictured himself in a 9-5 desk job. He is a man that wants to help people. He went to school to become a firefighter and decided that his next goal in life is to serve the country that he loves. The United States of America. He is a patriotic man. I, myself, am not one to dabble into politics. My husband? He cares too much to remain silent.

I am a daydreamer, my husband is not. We balance one another. Today has been the result of planning for our future. Today, my husband goes to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). At MEPS he will go through a physical as well as take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) exam. These two are vital to our future. If, and when, all goes well...he will be able to choose a job that will be his starting career in the military.

Does it scare me? Hell yes it does...but, my husband is a selfless man. And I damn well will support him every step of the way. On 11/11/17, it was Veteran's Day. I grew up a military brat. I am proud to call my father my hero. My father, is also, a selfless man that devoted a huge part of his life to the military. My father is proud to say that he served his country. When I was a child my mother kept the house together. I never realized how hard it was for her when my father was away because she held it together that much.

Now, as my husband is taking the final steps towards the beginning of our future, I often think about how hard it was for my mother and how strong she needed to be for us. My husband and I both share a crazy work schedule & are off on the same days during the week. We often only have each other to be with as a lot of our friends work during the week. I am getting anxious just thinking about him being away. We have no children at this time, we have puppy children. While he is away I feel like I will be starting over, meaning ... I'll need to find a life that does not involve him as he is making this life for our family. People ask me all the time, "How do you feel?". Truthfully? I don't know how I feel yet. I have feelings of happiness for him, sadness for us, and anxiousness for myself. I am full of roller coaster type emotions. Overall, I am excited to do life with him by my side.

"You are beautiful, and smart."


Obligatory introduction.

Hello, lovers!

Since I can remember I have always owned a camera. I love having a camera at all times. I took pictures of everything and I loved, even more, picking up my 4x6 prints from the drug store. I had a problem! My parents complained that my hobby was getting expensive. I would save up my rolls of film and get them all developed at once. I made albums and scrap books of everything. I even wanted to have my very own dark room someday (I still do). So much so that when I went away to school I ended up having a career as an X-Ray tech for nearly a decade. Hey, I was in the medical field and I still was able to take pictures. I loved it! Then, years later, I purchased my first digital camera. It was a small 6 megapixel Canon Powershot. It was small and compact, it cost me about $500. I had no regrets. I was working my "big girl" job and it was one of the first purchases I made. I took pictures of everything. I was so artsy with every shot I took. I loved taking pictures. I was so infatuated with the aesthetics & every little detail that went into taking a photograph.

Fast forward to last year when I purchased yet another camera, this time a mirrorless Sony camera, and told myself that I would not make another big camera purchase until my business allowed me to.  I, then, made it a point to perfect my craft. I went on to attend Austin School of Photography to get a better grip. I knew the little details, but I wanted to perfect them. I wanted to become a photographer that shunned at the thought of "all AUTO everything". YOU GUYS- I'm pretentious. I'm pretentious as all hell. I'll give you the stink eye.. .. PSH!* Auto? What a fraud. Hahahha, I'm totally kidding. Who cares, a beautiful picture is a beautiful picture. I just wanted to cut down on the time of taking multiple photographs. I wanted to be able to meet with a client, take a few shots, and walk about confident in everything photograph I took.

This website is to serve as my personal documentation of the progress of my work & to share my life as a documentarian with you. So, welcome! *hugs*

You are beautiful & smart.