Obligatory introduction.

Hello, lovers!

Since I can remember I have always owned a camera. I love having a camera at all times. I took pictures of everything and I loved, even more, picking up my 4x6 prints from the drug store. I had a problem! My parents complained that my hobby was getting expensive. I would save up my rolls of film and get them all developed at once. I made albums and scrap books of everything. I even wanted to have my very own dark room someday (I still do). So much so that when I went away to school I ended up having a career as an X-Ray tech for nearly a decade. Hey, I was in the medical field and I still was able to take pictures. I loved it! Then, years later, I purchased my first digital camera. It was a small 6 megapixel Canon Powershot. It was small and compact, it cost me about $500. I had no regrets. I was working my "big girl" job and it was one of the first purchases I made. I took pictures of everything. I was so artsy with every shot I took. I loved taking pictures. I was so infatuated with the aesthetics & every little detail that went into taking a photograph.

Fast forward to last year when I purchased yet another camera, this time a mirrorless Sony camera, and told myself that I would not make another big camera purchase until my business allowed me to.  I, then, made it a point to perfect my craft. I went on to attend Austin School of Photography to get a better grip. I knew the little details, but I wanted to perfect them. I wanted to become a photographer that shunned at the thought of "all AUTO everything". YOU GUYS- I'm pretentious. I'm pretentious as all hell. I'll give you the stink eye.. .. PSH!* Auto? What a fraud. Hahahha, I'm totally kidding. Who cares, a beautiful picture is a beautiful picture. I just wanted to cut down on the time of taking multiple photographs. I wanted to be able to meet with a client, take a few shots, and walk about confident in everything photograph I took.

This website is to serve as my personal documentation of the progress of my work & to share my life as a documentarian with you. So, welcome! *hugs*

You are beautiful & smart.